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About Me

Hello, I am Fronie Mihnea.

I am a romanian photographer who is established in France.

During the past 5 years i developped my own style, learning on my own. My goal is to deliver ambitious photos. A stunning image starts with a good composition and continues with an adequate post processing workflow. I also offer an instructional video, showing my post processing workflow from start to finish. You will learn basic editing techniques, but also all my advanced techniques. I suggest you subscribe to my newsletter, to be informed about my new articles, new posts and sales.

The world of photography has seen a big change when the dslr appeared. The new digital photo opened the gates to creativity. Nowadays everyone can take a photo and post it. The difference between photographers comes from their eye, what i mean by that is the skill of a photographer to find appealing compositions and also a color harmony (i recommend you reading Ted Gore's article about color harmony, i think is the best one out there), but also from their skills in the post processing. Post processing is what separates an amateur photographer from a skilled one. Editing is a must stage in developping an image. I would like to add that all my photos are available to be printed. My continuing fascination and love for landscape photography, pushes me further and further away from home, trying to discover new places and subjects to photograph.My techniques include the timeblending method, which gives me more possibilities in the post processing and self-expression. I think that noone should copy another photographer's style, you shouls focus on developing your own and unique style. I specialized in night photography, long exposures, and dark key images.I am one of those photographers who plan everything before the actual trip or adventure.I love travelling and exploring new locations, but also sharing them with you. I am truly passionate about post processing, i like trying new techniques to enhance my images but also to achive the photo i have in my mind. I am open for collaboration, fell free to contact me.

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